My life is full of chocolate
Currently, there are so many chocolate around me
First I remember, I don’t really like to eat chocolate
Of course, as a kid I prefer the chocolate milk than a white one
I prefer a chocolate candy than a strawberry one
But I don’t want to eat a silverqueen kind of chocolate, it was too much for my stomach for just one piece to bite.

As I remember, it was changed when I was in high school.
I taste the better toblerone from the lebaran parcel that was sent to my house.
I smile and enjoy the kind of valentine chocolate from my friend.
So delicious…

Currently chocolate has developed greatly in my life.
I have the only one short trousers, it’s chocolate.
The first cardigan I have was a chocolate one, and that was the fittest one.
Then my bag, my shoes, my room door, my window line, my desk, my cupboard, they are all chocolate.
Guess I’m ready to face the greatest chocolate in my life


Tentang guciano

me? just one of the human being that so unperfect, unbalance ... full of error ... but dream to be loved by entire humankind ...
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2 Balasan ke chocolate

  1. Sewa Mobil Bali berkata:

    very nice, chocolate is my favorite

  2. Arul berkata:

    Wah, gak update laginih blognya..

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