my bali – full of memories (1)

Yay … finally i fulfilled one of my goal this year to visit Bali, the best island in the world. After buy the very very cheap ticket from airasia from August 2009, I made  a trip to Bali from this 4 February to 9 February 2010. and you know what, I didn’t take any photo at all since I didn’t bring the camera. Hahaha … all my friends said I was stupid 🙂 but I still can write all the stories here in my blog. (but I still have a plan to repair my hp’s camera and buy a good digital camera for my other trips).

First, on 4 February 2010 afternoon, I left the office early on 4.15 pm, change my suits into the anak pantai (beach boy) style, a t-shirt with short pants :). Then I went to the Gambir by using TransJakarta busway (3.5k rupiahs). It was very crowded since most of the office employees in Jakarta were going out too at that time. Fortunately I still arrived in Gambir on time, took the Damri bus to the Soekarno Hatta airport that left on 5.30 pm (20k rupiahs). Arrived in airport on 6.30 pm, I came to Air Asia desk for boarding pass re-check, then pay the airport tax (40k rupiahs) and met my other traveller friends that were waiting at JCo.

The plane were leaving on time at 9.15 pm. I felt that we used such a new plane, it was clean and looked shiny. Unfortunately when we were in the air, I feel kinda hot as if that the aircon was not running. oh c’mon, it was really uncomfortable and we were just prayed that we could land to Bali soon.

At 11.30 pm (wita, middle area indonesian time), we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport. After pick the baggages, we met with the person from car rental (I just called him ‘bli’), settle all the paper and money things and voila … we got a Kijang Innova for the six of us. Then we go to Wisma Bima I which located in Jl. Raya Kuta (in front of Joger Shop). We got three rooms for six of us. While we sit and take a rest for a while in the room, there are another guests that come and maybe feel disturbed by our appearance … THE CUCKROACH. OMG … my friends were screamed and afraid to come to the room again. I was not really freaked out by that thing since it was common to have this kind of experience in my room in Jakarta 🙂 .  I was trying to calm down them and we were agree to drive around for a while to look for some kind of delicious food to eat. We passed Jl. Raya Kuta, went around for a while and voila … we passed through the crowded and hype of Legian Street. OMG … this is the first time for me to see this kind of crowd, people (mostly bule/foreigner) walk at the aisle of the street, shirtless, holding a bottle and looks drunk. Ouw … this is so exciting 🙂

to be continued …


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me? just one of the human being that so unperfect, unbalance ... full of error ... but dream to be loved by entire humankind ...
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6 Balasan ke my bali – full of memories (1)

  1. anak pipa berkata:

    akhirnya ditulis juga di blog…
    tapi kok dipotong-potong yah kaya sinetron cinta fitri ajah..


  2. guciano berkata:

    anak pipa? siapa nih?
    iya nih panjang banget soalnya (dan gue jd rada males) makanya kepotong2 hehehe …

  3. kharisma citra berkata:

    well well well,,, nice blog, (even still to be continue.) hehehehe….
    saya tunggu lanjutannyaq yah gan :)))) see yaaaaaa

  4. guciano berkata:

    hehehe thank u cit, nemu darimana nih???

  5. sandi berkata:

    salam kenal, nice blog

  6. Sewa Mobil Bali berkata:

    Salam kenal,
    kapan2 ke Bali lagi kontak ya?
    Terima kasih

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