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from a month ago, my sweety N82 had a problem with its gorgeous 5MP camera. i planned to bring it to the nscc, but when i checked the warranty card, the warranty time had been finished from a week before. damn … if i still brought it to the service center, i could have paid more than 500 thousands (a guess based on Upiek’s story about how much Ika paid for fixing her N73). i tried to look for infos from internet, but instead of finding a solution for my N82 problem, i found this great great great website …

OMG, this site is full with a lot of good games (of course it has been cracked so that we can just install and play it), some softwares and of course … the collection of n-gage games that i want to play. i have installed some of the symbian 60v3 games that they have (who wants to be a millionare, prince of persia classic, lost, and guitar hero) but still can’t play the n-gage games since i have updated my phone software to the latest edition and it can’t be hacked with the way that the blog shows. i searched around and found a new way but it needs to download some files which i can’t do at that time in the office. just wait when i can get a quite good and free internet connection.


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  1. Hery berkata:

    thx.. informasinya tentang games symbian..^^

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