cape town … here we come


finally we’re arrived at cape town. now we’re in the internet facility at the big blue backpacker lodge, a place we’re staying for this night (at maybe tomorrow night). we kinda had lost when we were looking for this place, wrong turn lah … but fortunately, we have a great ‘mind’ map reader, buuuunnnngggg Taufiiiiikkkk hehehe … mbak ana and taufik were also had problem with the car (we rent that from the airport) and when we arrived at the lodge, it was hard for us to parked there (it was full man) and there was misunderstanding with security guard (again … if u know what i mean)

tomorrow … we will have a wonderful journey

cape town … here we come

p.s. foto menyusul hehehe …


Tentang guciano

me? just one of the human being that so unperfect, unbalance ... full of error ... but dream to be loved by entire humankind ...
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