contemplation (?)

Time to write anything youanything that you want to scream … but you’re ashamed

is it right or wrong?

do people want to read this?

or why they have to read?

and what about yourself …

do you have a braveness to tell the truth to others?

you lied … you told a story that covered the truth

you’re feared you gonnabe in hell

but you couldn’t (or didn’t?) control yourself

you were playing too deep …

now you got the result …

you’re hurt

you’re crying in the silence

you think you can’t stand this anymore

GOD … please forgive me

for what i had done

for all the sins that i made

for all the rules that i broke

and show me the right way

the way that You bless

the way that make me come to You …

puih …


Tentang guciano

me? just one of the human being that so unperfect, unbalance ... full of error ... but dream to be loved by entire humankind ...
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2 Balasan ke contemplation (?)

  1. ncitzz berkata:

    thoughts teasing your dream?
    awakening you within the real life rutinities?
    yeah..u’ve got one point to lead ur life into a better one..

  2. guciano berkata:

    nope …
    it wasn’t about it Cit …
    it was more than that, for me especially …

    thank God, now i can handle it
    but still, feel lost in this day …

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